Saturday, 13 October 2007

My other car is my feet: The joys of walking

At the beginning of this year I did an approximation of my carbon footprint and found that my car use was probably the most significant part of it. The fact that I was in a job which required a lot of travelling did not help. With a change of job, I took the opportunity to ditch the car, enthusiastically snapped up by my sister, and get the train instead.

It's worked out really well so far. I've significantly cut my car use, and discovered two wonderful things.

1. If you get the train, you miss all the stress of driving and suddenly find that you have time to read all those books you never had time for before.

2. If you walk a lot (even just to the station) you notice a hell of a lot of stuff which you're missing as you float around in your isolated personal pollution bubble. You can hear birds sing (when such a vehicle isn't roaring past), see the seasons change, watch wildlife on the way to work and pick up on details of places you've always taken for granted as they zoom by in a blur. Not only that, but it keeps you uber fit as well!

You also start to detest cars. They're noisy, smelly and go far too fast. If it wasn't for all the idiots in cars on the roads, it might actually be safe to cycle on them.

My view on the way to work: