Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Future of Capitalism?

For those of you wondering where we go now, the FT has started a capitalismblog written by big names in such thinking such as Alan Greenspan and Sir Martin Sorrell. It's interesting to see how these 'great brains' of the economic world are dealing with the fact that, in the words of the Ft itself, their "free-market model that has dominated thinking for 30 years has been discredited".

On the whole they're not overly repentant, but it is interesing to see how such thought is developping (or perhaps more accurately, not developping) and it provides an interesting counter balance to new ideas emerging from other quarters.

I can also reccomend Paul Kennedy's hyposthesis as to what the 'four great economists' Robert Heilbroner, Karl Marx, Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes would be making of all this (to be taken with a pinch of salt and a good prior knowledge/ quick wikki of each of these charachters).

These, as the saying goes, are interesting times...

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